Sportpesa Jenga Bet Explained

Sportpesa has launched Jenga Bet, which is very similar to that of a bet builder seen in the UK. This new type of betting gives users the chance to bet on five different events in one match.

Sports enthusiasts who love to bet on games will not have the opportunity to get more from the huge number of games on offer. This innovative product from Sportpesa enables players to make a number of predictions within one game, all within one bet. As a result, they increase their chances of winning. They can build up their bet, adding more to their overall bet, while increasing their winnings should all bets come in.

How to play sportpesa jenga bet

Who Will Score

This is a fairly simple and obvious choice but players are given the choice of which player they believe will score. The odds will differ for each player depending on their position and their form. If players choose to pick an obscure player such as a centre back then they are going to have better odds than if they choose an in-form centre forward who is more likely to score.

Who will receive a card?

Yellow cards and red cards are part of the game today and almost every match has one or more card brandishes. Users can now choose who they think will receive a yellow or red card during any game. Who they choose can be based on luck or the more knowledgeable users who look at the past performances of players might be able to select a player that has history when it comes to receiving a red or yellow card.

How many corners during a game?

This is based on how many corners are won during a game. There is no hard or fast rule that relates to choosing the right figure but it is possible for players to look at how many corners teams have conceded or won during previous games. They might want to consider weak defences and strong attacks when it comes to selecting how many corners they believe will be given during a game.

How many booking points?

For those who think that a certain game is likely to see a lot of bookings, then they can bet on the total number of booking points in any game. This means that a red card and a yellow card will be given a certain number of points, all of which will be totalled up at the end of the game.

A yellow card is worth 10 points while a red card is worth 25 points. However, if a player receives two yellow cards which are then followed by a red card, this will be classed as 35 points.

Will both teams score?

This is a simple case of deciding whether both teams score, so this effectively requires a yes or no answer. However, players will want to consider the teams playing, their past performances and the goals they have scored in order to give themselves the best chance of making the right choice.

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