Referees and Card Betting

Yellow and Red card betting, we think, is one of the best football markets to bet on. We all know who the hard tackling defenders are or the pacey forwards that like to simulate a dive, we also know which managers always set their teams up to be tough in the tackle. All these points and factors allow us to find the value with our red and yellow card betting.

What you might not have thought about is the man in the middle. Referee betting factors should be high on the list when considering these types of bets when selecting football matches to bet on with this market. Although refs stick to the same rule book, some are more lenient whilst others are quick to get the cards out.

Referee Betting – The Stats

The bookmakers don’t offer bets on individual referees. That would be unfair and is probably immoral. They do however have a selection of red and yellow card betting markets that can be used in conjunction with who is in charge of certain fixtures. The best referee betting markets that could be used are number of cards issues in the match and booking points.

We also think that UK referees are less likely to reach for their notebooks. This means that if we look to the European leagues or European competitions such as the Champions League or Europa league, we can find great value with the odds for certain football cards betting markets; especially UK teams playing away.

Some officials referee more matches than others however if we look at the Stats for the Premier League season 15/16, the likes of Andre Marriner, Michael Oliver, Mike Dean, Anthony Taylor and Mark Clattenburg were high on the list of refs blowing up for a foul and ultimately showing a card. In fact over the course of that season these refs issued well over 3 cards per game on average. It is worth noting that Lee Mason and Roger East were less likely to show a card in the matches they officiated.


Referee Betting – The Strictest UK refs

Premier League – 15/16

Mike Dean – 106 Yellow Cards, 9 Red cards, 721 fouls

Anthony Taylor – 107 Yellow Cards, 5 Red Cards, 654 fouls

Michael Oliver – 89 Yellow Cards, 5 Red cards, 532 fouls

Andre Marriner – 84 Yellow Cards, 4 Red cards, 476 fouls

Championship – 15/16

Keith Stroud – 103 Yellow Cards, 7 Red Cards, 610 fouls

Pete Bankes – 83 Yellow Cards, 3 Red Cards, 401 fouls

Chris Kavanagh – 62 Yellow Cards, 3 Red Cards, 382 fouls

League 1 – 15/16

Carl Boyeson – 44 Yellow Cards, 2 Red Cards, 245 fouls

David Coote – 36 Yellow Cards, 4 Red Cards, 223 fouls

Seb Stockbridge – 56 Yellow Cards, 1 Red Cards, 315 fouls

League 2 – 15/16

Ben Toner – 65 Yellow Cards, 5 Red Cards, 346 fouls

Keith Hill – 46 Yellow Cards, 1 Red Cards, 247 fouls

Trevor Kettle – 41 Yellow Cards, 4 Red Cards, 248 fouls

Referee Betting – Conclusion

When looking at the stats over the previous season, its interesting to see that the lower down the leagues the less likely a foul is to be given. This could play a big part of where you can find the value and see some winning bets.

In the current football season 16/17 the trend continues. The lower down the leagues, the less fouls are given. Look out for the refs listed above and take into consideration the rest of the factors listed our card betting strategy page.

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