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Super 6 is a free to play game from Sky Bet where you have to pick 6 results for a share of the £250,000 The prize is usually won 2 or 3 times a season with one winner sometimes and 306 winners earlier this season. We’ve crunched the stats to bring you our Super 6 tips blog for this weekends games.

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Our tips are updated every Wednesday and you can follow our blog directly on twitter via @teambetfc. We’ll add our weekly points so you can see how we’re getting along too.

Our Super 6 predictions – World Cup Round 1

My Super 6 tips World cup week 1

Once you’ve submitted your selections Super 6 populates the amount you’d win if you put a £10 bet on the results you’ve selected. This week our £10 returns £891 on the full time result market that I’ve picked.

My World Cup super 6 predictions 1
It provides theses odds and usually have a “super 6 special” on with some of the most popular teams in an enhanced acca. Along with this you can cash out the bet and they keep you updated on the progress with the Sky Bet tracker.

Golden goal prediction I’m sticking with my usual approach and going for the 9th minute, this is around the average for the first goal and although its been later recently I was spot on last week.

How super 6 works

Super 6 is provided free by Sky Bet and can be played by any UK resident over the age of 18. You need to register for a Super 6 account or you can use a Sky Bet account if you already have one. Only one entry per person is allowed and if there is more than one winner with prize will be shared out equally between the winners.

There is a bonus pot prize available where the person, or persons with the most points will win the prize (usually £5,000). If there is more than one winner of the bonus prize then golden goal comes in to play to decide the winner – the person who’s closest wins. If there are multiple winners of the bonus pool with the same minute the prize is split equally between them.

Our super 6 tips are just our opinion on how we see the games going and any predictions, or bets, you make are at your own risk. You can back the same selections or tweak them to what you think will happen. We’ll keep you updated on twitter via our account @teambetfc.

You can read the story of how Paul Merson took the cheque to the winner here – on the Sporting Life website.

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  1. Welcome, sir
    I would like to ask you how many of the winning tips you have hit?
    Maybe all six?
    And one more question…
    I like to bet,
    Can you tell a trusted similar site where you can read about sports betting tips? Which you might read yourself. I love this site and just read it. But unfortunately, i can only read tips on weekends. Thank You
    Sincerelly, Martin

  2. Anyone know if today’s Round 64 is the final one of the season? I admin a league and need to know if I should be paying out after today or if there’s any rounds covering any of the playoffs in lower leagues

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