Corner betting strategies

There’s loads of different betting strategies around and corners are no different. Here we give you a guide for what to look for in corners betting to help you make better picks and devise strategies around these markets. You’ll soon find something that suits you and having a decent knowledge of the leagues you’re betting on is a big advantage – knowledge is power!

4 Things to look for in corner betting

#1 – Look at the stats

The stats don’t lie as the saying goes. hen it comes to betting the first step should be to look for stats on corner betting. Then you can use the stats to look for trends in teams or teams that are having lots of corners. There’s mot that many sites around that offer these stats so we’ve listed a couple below for you to check out. As the season goes on the stats vary so its good to take a long term view on devising your corner betting strategy and start with small stakes whilst you get a feel for the stats and odds. – Simple stats in a nice easy to follow layout, free to use! – My preferred option for corner bets, shows you the average corners for each team as well as the average total corners combined – In my opinion this is a must use site for any corner bets where you’re using a stats based approach. Here’s what win draw win looks like (Not live stats) –

Simple Corner strategies

#2 – Look at how team are setup

This is where your football knowledge can be used to your advantage (you knew it would come in handy one day!). We like to look at who is playing who and how they are likely to setup for that specific game. An example of this is when a team play quite openly against level opposition and then very defensive against top opposition. Think of a standard Jose Mourinho team, attack against the weaker teams and park the bus and try and nick a goal against the rivals. Watching lots of football helps with this too!

#3 – Look for certain players

This is more for International games but can work in league and cup matches. We’re always on the look out for when Portugal are playing with Nani and Ronaldo against lesser opposition. This is because we know they’re likely to have a lot of shots on goal from distance and deflections and saves mean corners! Identifying certain players in certain positions can help take a view of corners when there are no stats to back it up – Like Champions League games and cup games where the teams are from different leagues.

#4 – Go in play!

Once you’ve got your stats lined up for a game if you don’t like the odds then get on the bets in play if the odds creep up with no early corners. Having a side in play corner betting strategy can be a real help to get some more value in your bets.