Asian corner betting

In the world of corner betting the most unknown market is the Asian corners bet. This is a slightly different bet to the standard corners bet and we’ll talk you though how it works and give you an example game. This covers both the Asian corners markets and the Asian handicap markets (Scroll down for the handicap bets)

Asian corner markets explained

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Our recommended bookie for Asian corner betting

Asian corners are slightly different to the normal corner markets where as the bet is a simple over/under bet at .5 rather than the 3 options like a standard bet. This means the odds are slightly better and its a straight win or lose bet. Below is an example of how the markets look with bet365 and what each one means.

Asian handicap corners – This is a straight match bet with a handicap element. In this example Celtic are the stronger team and have a -5.5 handicap, meaning you need them to win by 6 clear corners if you back them, Same goes for the Red Imps if they win the corners bet on the handicap.

There is no option for a tie if there is a .5 on the bet as its a straight win or lose bet. In the even of a whole number (rarely seen) of a 5 corner handicap for example then you would get a refund if in a tie.

Asian total corners market – This bet is for the total corners in a match and is again a straight under and over bet. In this example 11 corners would be a loss and 12 corners would be a win. There is no refund element in this asian bet.

First half asian corners – Again this is a straight win or lose bet and covers the number of first half corners. The “corner line” (amount for under over) is set by the book makers at around a number of corners they expect to see.

In play corner markets – All are settled as above.

Basic rules

  • Any game that is called off mid game all corner bets will are void
  • If a corner has to be retaken it still only counts as 1 corner – e.g. If the ref blows his whistle as the corner is being hit then the player re takes it this only counts as one corner. If the final whistle blows before the ball goes into play then then this does not count – very annoying if you need one more corner!

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