How To Play super 6


Super 6 is completely free to play, but you will need to set up a Sky Betting Account to enter. Please note that you must live in the UK and be over 18 to enter.

Each week you predict the results of six English football club matches. You score 2 points for a correct result and 5 points for a correct score. Predict all 6 games correctly, scoring 30 points and you will win £250,000!

There is one further prediction to make and that is the time of the first goal out of the six matches. This is only used as a tie breaker in the unlikely event that more than one player scores 30 points. The closest to the first goal time will be the winner.

There are two ways to play the game, one is to download the Super 6 App and the second is via the Sky Sports Super 6 Website. But first you’ll need to register!

Register for Super 6 here


You can download the App from iTunes and Google Play. Once downloaded you will need to set up an account by tapping join in the top right corner. Here’s how the app looks –



Once you have created your account you will be able to login from the main screen. Tap the large large red button “Play Now” to make your selections. You will be able to select your predictions for each match and the minute of the first goal. When you are happy hit “Submit my Entry”.


Super 6 Selections Super 6 First Goal Minute Selection
Don’t worry if you change your mind as you can log back in and change your selections right up to the start of the games!

Good Luck in your selections!

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