Lay the draw is a popular football betting strategy for Betfair and Betdaq users. You lay the draw before the game and look to trade out in play or let it run. We’re covering out best free lay the draw tips along with a couple of strategies for exiting the trades. If you’re new to this trade then check out our how to lay the draw guide here. We’ll keep a track our our record with these trades so you can see how we’ve got on.
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Lay the draw tips – World Cup 2018

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Here’s some early tips for the first round of games – odds are subject to change!



Serbia v Switzerland 3.15


South Korea v Mexico 3.8


Japan v Sengal 3.2

Poland v Columba 3.55

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World Cup results

8 tips

8 in profit (100% Strike rate)

7 wins at FT

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Some recent examples of our trades

Leicester v Everton 3.55 – Got out at 1-0 on 70 minutes – finished 2-0 with a 92nd minute goal.

Watford v Palace 3.45 – Exited at 1-0 0n 70 mins right before the penalty. Finished 1-1

Southampton v Spurs 3.4 – 2-1 on 70 mins but stayed in as Southampton down to 10 men, finished 4-1.

2017-2018 results

158 tips

130 in profit (83% Strike rate)

116 wins at FT

2016-2017 results 

144 tips

132 in profit

105 wins at full time

91.66% strike rate for profitable tips.

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A recent successful trade in the Europa League

Lay the draw tips for Betfair

How we pick our lays

What we look for in our lay the draw tips are games that look like goals and teams who are not drawing much. This helps us profile the teams an get an idea of the games to target. We avoid any games where the draw is over 4 as if you get a goal against the favourites you can’t always get out in a profit. It’s mainly about getting an idea of games where teams are in form but the odds are not too short on one of the teams winning.

Exit strategy

This is something we’d say you need to find your own style with and go with what kind of returns you are looking for. You can do anything from getting out after any goal regardless of the time, or at the other extreme letting every trade run for the maximum profit.

How we trade is to look to get out at around 60-70 minutes if there has been a goal or at any point if a 2 goal lead is taken, this is what we will use for our above calculation of profitable trades. We will also track the number of wins we would have had if we had simply let all the trades run until full time.

74 comments on “Lay the draw tips

    1. Hi Gazz,

      We generally post on a Wednesday or Thursday for the weekend ahead and stick to 3 tips a week. There are loads more lay the draw opportunities out there we just stick to our top tips on here. On a run of 12/12 in profit at the moment!

  1. Hi, I was wondering what your thoughts were on this. I see a lot of lay the draw strategies online where many are laying draws with odds on favourites at home around the 1.4 mark. Surely you’d go with the favourites here. Looking at your selections you do it differently and very successful without the use of odds on favourites. What odds region do you look for?

    1. Hi Steve, thanks for the comment. Completely agree on laying the draw on low favourites, the % return when you’re laying the draw at 5.5-6 isn’t worth the risk in my opinion. We look for games where you’d expect to see goals based on recent results. I’m quite flexible with a regard to odds but usually go for up to 3.8, but I’ll go as high as 4.2ish if I think the stats are strong enough. The exit strategy on 70 minutes seems to work very well although in some cases you’re getting out with a very small profit – in these instances I personally just cover my stake and let the profit run.

  2. Leicester v Everton 3.55 – Got out at 1-0 on 70 minutes – finished 2-0 with a 92nd minute goal.what price was the get out trade @ 70mins please help me see what profits I might be able to obtain
    cheers doug

        1. My personal strategy is to wait for another goal in that scenario. You do need to find what works best for you – identify the right games and the odd 1-1 won’t hurt you too much.

  3. I’m trying to improve my match selection skills and would love your input.
    I see that your selections for Sunday includes the Arsenal v Man City match. Neither of these teams seem to have had recent good form and betfair is not showing a clear, low favourite for the game. Also with the favourite being the away team I wondered what your thoughts were on selecting this pick to improve my own selection skills.
    Betfair is showing high prices on the 0-0 and low prices for the over 2.5 so I can see that the bookies will be expecting goals and also the LTD being negative of 4 is another plus but I wondered if there was anything i was missing for this being a good pick.
    As always your input is hugely appreciated.

    1. Hi Lee, that turned out to be one of very few losing lay the draw tips! I saw goals in the game, 2 teams with not the best defences. I prefer to look at games with lower odds for the draw as you get a better return. Laying the draw with a low favorite doesn’t really work for me – if the non fav gets an early goal and keeps hanging on the draw odds don’t move much. If the favs score early then backing them is the better option. Thats just my opinion though – I know LTD in those games is popular with some people.

  4. Thanks for another set of great tips. I am interested in what peaked your interest in the West Brom v Leicester game as they have both had pretty poor form recently and 3 draw combined out of there last 3 matches. Also they have only scored around 8 combined goals from their last 5. Thanks again.

  5. Hi there
    More great tips as always! Thanks guys.
    Quick question. If no goal has been scored by 70 mins would you advise cashing out?

    1. Hi Matt,

      This one comes down to persona choice really. I don’t ever cash out as I picked the match for a reason and I’m happy to stick with my research. After the 70th minute a goal either way usually results in a big profit so I’m happy to let it run. But cashing out these bets for a smaller loss is popular. I’d say look at each games stats and make a call based on how the game looks would be a good place to start building your own lay the draw strategy.

  6. Apologies for what might be a daft question but could you please explain the methods for closing out a lay if I cannot monitor the whole match.
    Thank you.

    1. Hi Trevor, I’d say the best option is to let it run if you’re unable to follow the match. The alternative is to sign up to a bot to close the trade at a set price.

  7. Hi Guys

    Well the new season is within sniffing distance. Is it me or does it seem like about a million years since the last Prem game!

    Great to see you have your selections for the first set of games up all ready, good on ya.

    Best of luck for the season and thanks as always for the great tips.


    1. Hi Matt,

      Yeah it feels like forever with no major championship in the summer and we’re not doing an LTD on friendlies or any nonsense Asia cups! The prices may change between now and the games kicking off but we wanted to get them up early to try and bag some early value.

      Good luck for this season, hopefully we can keep the strike rate going up!

  8. Can’t really use my own take on LTD until the various leagues are at least 5 games in. Up until that time I have just been using various prediction sites like Statarea where I look for home or away wins at 55% plus. I then take that info and see which of these games are 4.0 or under . Getting fed up with Scandinavian games so its great our leagues start up again this weekend . I assume you do LTD tips for all the the English and major European leagues .

  9. Been dabbling a bit in the DNB (Draw no Bet) market . Limited value to be had unless you select teams above the 2.2 odds mark . No good selecting odds on teams as a 3rd of your stake is just getting your money back on the draw . Do you post DNB tips ?

  10. Thanks.Do you ever put a small £2 back bet on the correct score of 0-0? I ifnd it helps a bit as a sort of safety net and it seems to help psychologically just in case things don’t go according to plan.

    1. I personally don’t these day as I found it was just reducing my profit as I didn’t hit very many 0-0s at all. But you can build it into your strategy if you prefer a slightly lower risk approach.

  11. Hi,
    If a goal is scored early in the match, (first 10 mins), by underdog do you let the trade run on. Also, do you cash out straight after a goal has been scored to put us in profit or do you let it run to 60-70 mins then trade out? What happens if equaliser comes in the 59th minute?

    1. Hi,

      If theres an early goal I still let it run, if the underdog went 2-0 up I’d probably get out. I wait 2-3 minutes after a goal for the odds to settle down before I cash out or occasionally I’ll just lay off my stake if its later in the game. It’s tough luck if the equaliser comes in the 59th minute, I think it happened twice in all of last season (an equaliser without another goal).

  12. Hi
    Do you think there would be any increase in profitability by taking your selections, and if, any of these matches are drawing at half time, lay at HT and cash out for increased profit. If still drawing, then could be allowed to run to final whistle as we reduced liability by laying at HT where odds would be about 2.4?
    Wouldn’t be so many selections as not all games will be drawing at HT. However, 30% usually are 0-0 at HT, and about 15% are 1-1 at HT. Just a thought

    1. Hi Derek, that is a strategy that you could employ for a lower liability. I personally wouldn’t lay the draw with a 1-1 at half time but thats just my own thoughts and not anything based on stats.

  13. Can you be more specific with your results data please?

    S/R and how many bets were profitable is one thing, but what is it in monetary figures?

    36 bets so far, what is the actual P/L and ROI, and I assume you take into account the 5% Betfair commission.


  14. Sydney. I cant for some reason get cash out after game starts.
    but I am happy to follow tips to FT. and profit.
    having fun thank you bet FC.

  15. Are your latest results figures updated weekly? I cannot say for sure but it seems to be the same as last week even though your 3 selections for last week all won at FT (Hudd v WBA, Swansea v Brighton and Everton v Watford)

  16. Hi
    I came across something to reduce liability if the game is a draw later on in the game before we have traded. If odds reach 2.0, then we could reverse the trade by staking double the amount we laid with. So if we laid £10@3.8 (liability £28) pre match and we were drawing up to 75th minute, odds of 2.0, then we could back the draw for £20. This would leave us in the situation if it remained a draw to the end: win £20 from back bet but lose £28 from initial lay = -£8 or, if the game didn’t finish a draw, we would win £10 from our lay bet but lose £20 from our back bet = -£10, as opposed to losing the whole £28 liability. What’s your take on this option?
    Best Regards

    1. Hi Derek,

      Intersting idea and one to test on a few games to see how it works out. Personally this isn’t one for me, I’m always happy with my picks so I remain confident until the end. This give a better profit on a late goal which I’m happy to take the full loss on. Let me know how you get on if you give it a try.

  17. Hi,
    Do you only do Premier League games? There’s a couple of German games tonight that look good. Wolfsburg v Leipzig and Freiburg v M’gladbach

    1. Hi Robert, I stick to English football mainly as it’s what I know best really. If find the German games don’t swing the odds as much as there’s usually more goals. Just a personal preference. The Wolfsburg game does look a good one though at those odds/ recent stats.

  18. Hi guys, I really appreciate your effort in your predictions. Actually its not easy to predict football match because anything can happen, but you have been trying to get the best for us. God Bless You. But sir, how about those Championship, League One, League Two and National League in England? It’s like Draws are somehow common there than Premier League (from my own view) How about getting games for us from there? Thanks!

  19. just out of interest what platform are you using to trade as i have looked on betfair and the odds are no wherr near at the minute. do you reccomend putting the bets on the day of the game or the day you post them. cheers 4 the good tips

    1. I try to get in early at lower odds by setting the market or edging others out. I’d only advise this if you are experienced in how Betfair works. Alternatively the morning of the match is usually a good time to get the set market odds.

    1. Generally around 5% of bank roll, it does vary though. I’ll go lower, 2.5% for cup games and occasionally have a 0-0 cover.

  20. sorry for the 3 messages in a row also i watched your you tube video on strategy do still stay in the game all the way until the end if after 60mins its still a draw? and also cash out straight away if 2 goals are scored or do you wait.until 70-75 mins?

    1. This one varies slightly with me, if its a draw on 60 minutes I stay in – always. But the 2 goal lead I usually take a view of the odds, depending who the favourite is will affect the odds. I’d usually say I’ll be out by 60 minutes if it’s 2-0, but if the favourite is leading I may stay in on some occasions. This is just one to get a feel for how you like to trade. No worries on the 3 messages, I’ve replied to them individually so it will make sense to anyone reading through the comments!

  21. thanks for the replies .interesting ive been laying the draw for around 5-6 months but the last couple of months have been struggling to profit. i am breaking even but i read quite a few lay the draw tips and a lot say once the draw odds drop to 2(this is usually 60-65 mins) then cash out and take your loss because the loss at the end is too high. staying in all the way concerns me because of the big loss but im trying to change my strategy to start profiting more.

    1. Hi Colin,

      I look at a few different sites to identify games where there will be goals, preferably in the latter part of the game. Its just some data I go over rather than a specific software.

          1. I’ve just looked at win draw win but how do u determine that it probably won’t be a draw then

          2. Hi Colin, I actually look at it more from a goals angle where there’s the potential for late goals in the game, or games that will be open which gives us the opportunity to trade out.

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