Goliath bet tips

The Goliath bet is a 247 line multiple cover all bet and you can get some great returns backing some more outside odds. Depending on the odds you can make a profit on 3 or 4 wins and the more you get the more the returns ramp up. In our Goliath bet tips we look for some more outside odds to back as low odds make it tricky to get a decent return.

Goliath tips – Saturday 16th December

The Football is finally back and so are our Goliath tips with a couple of outside bets to get the season kicking off.

  1. Leicester 1.9
  2. Burnley 3.1
  3. Stoke v West Ham – draw 3.3
  4. Watford 1.70
  5. Spurs 6.0
  6. Manchester United 1.5
  7. Everton 1.72
  8. Chelsea v Southampton 5.0

Todays Goliath bet returns……

We’re backing this with Betfred every week for £24.70 (10p a line). In the event they all win the returns would be a decent £3,939! To make a profit we’d need a minimum of 4 wins if all the lowest odds bets won + 1 big one.

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Goliath bet explained

If you’re looking to back out Goliath bet tips but don’t know what the bet is then let us talk you though how it works and why we’re using it.

The Goliath is in the series of “cover all” bets – this means it covers every option of the 8 results. You get everything covered from singles right through to the 8 fold and every thing in between. If you cover less options then you’ll be backing a different cover all bet, heres the other bets in the cover all series.

Patent – 3 results = 7 lines

Lucky 15 – 4 results = 15 lines

Lucky 31 – 5 results = 31 lines

Heinz – 6 results = 57 lines

Super Heinz 7 results = 120 lines

Goliath – 8 results = 247 lines

Block – 9 results = 502 lines

With all these bets you cover all the options for all the available results, we prefer the Goliath in our betting tips as its not too big (£25 a week for us) but theres a good chance of a huge return.


This is really simple, get 8 selections in your bet slip (making sure they’re from different games and not related markets) – see image on the left. Then scroll down the multiple options for “Goliath” at the bottom and enter your stake – this is your stake per line so 10p will give you a £24.70 total stake.

Winning Goliath bet example

Here’s a winning Goliath bet tweeted from @betfair where the lucky punter returned £150,000 from a £2 goliath. When you look at the results you could consider the to be lucky with Bayern Munich losing at mega odds of 25/1! This wasn’t from our tips but is a good example of the mega returns you can get with this bet.

Big win on a goliath bet

If we ever manage to win this big on a Goliath don’t expect any tips for a while whist we celebrate!!! Keep unto date with how our bets are getting on on twitter @teambetfc and get the latest tips and promos.

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