F1 Betting guide

F1 iconF1 os one of the greatest sports in the world to watch, whether its the over taking or the night race in Singapore F1 catches the imagination and is transfixing to watch. Here at BetFC we’re big fans of F1 and are keen bettors on the sport and there’s some real value in the markets if you know where to look. Most races start with Hamilton as odds on favourite to win with Rosberg close behind as the Mercedes look to cement another season as the top constructor. We’re not ones for going against the obvious so we look for the other markets like “to make the podium” or qualifying markets. We’ve got all this covered and more in our full F1 betting guide.

F1 betting

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Once you’ve got your account sorted, and claimed the free bet or bonus thats on offer – Check out the bet365 bonus code here (a great site for your F1 bets, its time to start looking at the races. We’ve looked at the markets for 2016 in the constructors championship and drivers championship but there’s a real lack of value in these markets currently. This means for us F1 betting becomes more about the individual races rather than the season.

F1 season long bets

Winning driver – Very simple, which driver wins the championship

Constructors Championship – Again very simple, who will be the winning constructor, this season Mercedes are of course a very short price to win this.

Special bets – These can vary depending on the time and pre season there were bets on offer for how many points Mercedes would get in the season or an under over points bet for Hamilton. Later in the season we may see some head to head bets between selected drivers .

Currently Paddy Power are offering a Max Verstappen bet on whether he will be World Champion in the next 5 or 10 years. Bet Victor (Victors £60 bonus code here) are offering a market on how many wins Nico Rosberg will get over the season (set at over 5.5 wins currently with 1 win on the board so far). Its worth Checking odds checkers F1 section to see the currently markets – Check them here http://www.oddschecker.com/motorsport/formula-one.

F1 race betting markets

Winner – Who will win the race, standard market – Can be bet on in play for some value if you see the race panning out differently to how it looks on paper. If you’re up on your betting you can lay drivers to win the races on the Betfair exchange.

Podium finish – To finish in the top 3 drivers, the markets is usually very short on Hamilton, Rosberg & Vettel but if you can spot a driver to sneak into the top 3 then there’s reasonable value on offer.

Top 6 finish – This is probably the best market for me as this can be where the F1 knowledge comes into play. There’s decent odds on offer for some more of the outsiders and its possible to find the drivers who have a good record at the track, have shown some decent pace in qualifying or have a good record in wet conditions (like Jenson Button).

top 10 finish – A tougher one to call than you may expect as there’s not a great value in a lot of the drivers so if you’re backing the back of the grid to get in the top 10 you’ll need some luck. This is a good market to follow in the wet conditions again where some drivers excel.

Pole markets – After they abandoned the embarrassment that was qualifying on the first race this goes back to a more standard market with the pole option available to back both pre sessions and in play. There is usually a pole/ winner market where you can predict both for longer odds.

Our thoughts

We’re rally big fans of F1 betting here at bet FC but the markets and how we bet have changed over the recent seasons with the dominance of one team over the season, Red Bull followed by Mercedes. So this makes us look around the outside markets for a little more value and thats where we now bet. F1 betting is great fun and adds some thrills to race further down the track than watching the leaders race no one at the front!