Cricket betting guide

icon_cricketCricket is currently making a bit of a renaissance among bettors, with an increase in the number of televised games enabling punters to see more of the action than has ever been able to before.

As a result there has never been a better time to get such a wide variety of events and markets to stake a wager on.

Despite being a summer sport in the UK, cricket is actually played all year round in varying locations across the globe, so you will always find something to bet on – whether at home or abroad – at all the major bookmakers no matter when you’re looking at placing your bet.

But it’s definitely worth being savvy and keeping your eye out for large scale events including the Ashes, the ICC World Cup and the ICC World Twenty20 where you will find a larger number of markets and even special promotions which will allow you to get far more bang for your buck.

Guide to betting on cricket

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Formats of the game

Cricket betting guideOf course before you get started its important to get to grips with the different opportunities presented by the varying formats of the game; test matches, one day events and Twenty20.

Each of these will require subtle differences between betting styles, with the fast nature of Twenty20 varying wildly from that of test match cricket, which takes place over a number of days.

Of course individual players, and even teams, will favour certain formats of the game so it is worth studying the form book specifically relating to your format before you place your wager.

And with test cricket often being seen as the most prestigious form of the game, this is most likely where you’ll see specials – especially surrounding large events such as the Ashes.

Twenty20 has been growing in popularity since it was first introduced to this country in 2003, however, and bettors across the UK enjoyed betting on England during their run to the final of the ICC World T20 in India this spring.

Cricket betting advice

The biggest piece of advice any prospective bettor should adhere to is to always do your research!

The form guide in cricket is perhaps the most telling of any sport played on these shores, with valuable data on which bowlers perform particularly well at the Oval or which batsmen prefer warm conditions proving invaluable to ambitious bettors.

Because so much can be gleaned from the stats, cricket can become a good winner for new bettors who are willing to put in the hard yards learning as much as they can about the sport.

Of course understanding the vast array of markets available to bet on in cricket is key – you can bet on everything from who will win the toss to a century being scored at most popular UK betting sites.

Learning the nuances of each of these can be key to getting good returns because, as is the case with most sports, calling the winner of an individual match can be deceptively tricky and there often aren’t great odds on those particular markets.

Markets like top run scorer or top wicket taker can often prove to offer better value, but be sure to shop around for the best odds and promotions to make you’re money travel further – check out our top five cricket betting websites as a starting point!

And be aware of live betting as a potential option in your cricket betting armoury. With matches taking far longer than sports like football and rugby there are even more options here to bet while the action is taking place – in fact cricket is one of the most popular sports for in play betting with UK bookmakers.