Colossus bets free play tips

The Colossus bets free play 6 is free to enter and you can win over £1,000,00 by predicting the correct scores from the chosen 6 games. We follow the stats and try to win the jackpot every week! With cash out options for real money there’s still a chance of a return ever if our Colossus bets free play tips don’t land all 6 – plus there’s bonus money for 4 or 5 out of 6!

To play all you need is a Colossus bets account (free to register) that you can get via the button below.


Once registered look for the “free play 6 tab” to find the games and see what this weeks jackpot is. You can play from Monday every week for the weekend aheads games.

Colossus bets tips – 7th January

If you want to check the stats for any game then hit “Stats” and you’ll see the last 5 games for each teams. You can also tab to the head to head record. To pick our tips we look at the win-draw-lose record as well as the goals for or against. We then try and work out how many each team should score and concede and combine the two together. This is no exact science and as you’d guess its tricky to get even 4 right let alone all 6, but with the chance to cash out getting a couple right early on can lead to a big return.


Other Colossus bet games

The free play is the only free to enter game but there’s loads of other pools to bet on with Colossus bets. Pools is probably not quite the right word as it conjures up images of your dad with his weekly pools coupon. This is more like pools on steroids!

All the games have big jackpots and vary from home-draw-away and the correct score Colossus – Predict 7 scores and win a possible £10,000,000 – the biggest football jackpot in the world!

Our favourite game to play is the £1,000,000+ HDA 15 – Starts every Saturday and covers the weekend, all you have to do is pick 15 results to win the prize. We like this one so much as you can play with multiple lines and if you cover more at the top and get through Saturdays games you can win a fair amount on the cash out.

Here’s how the HDA 15 looks –


Our Colossus bets tips are updated every Friday for the weekends Free play, sometimes earlier in the week too. Follow us on Twitter @teambetfc

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