Card Booking Points


Booking points is a great way of being able to wager on the card betting market. The Bookmakers have come up with a point scoring system which makes the games you bet on all the more exciting.

Most Bookmakers keep to the same system which makes booking points easy to follow and is just a case of placing this bet with your chosen bookie. However we think due to their high standard of football betting markets and great odds along with a £20 free bet, William Hill should be the bookie of choice for this type of bet. Simply click here to join William Hill.

Card Booking points explained 

Booking points is a very simple way of giving a value to each card shown. The bettor places a bet on how many card points will be accrued by a player or in a match.

The card points value issued by the bookies are usually as follows;

Yellow card 10 points

Red card 25 points

2 x yellow = a red 35 points

The maximum card points a player can accrue is 35 points.

This means you can place a bet on how many points a player within a match will get.

So card booking points comes down to the stats and particulars of the players, games and referees involved with a specific fixture.

If you’ve got a card happy ref, a tough tackling defender against a pacey forward, booking points betting could be the market for you.

With the Bookmakers that offer booking points with these values, you would normally place a bet like so:

‘Player’ to accrue over 35.5 points or ‘Player’ to accrue under 35 points.

Other Bookmakers such as Bet365 have booking point values that are slightly different;

Yellow card – 1 card

Red card – 2 cards

2 x yellow = Red – 3 cards

The bet is then placed on a ‘Player’ accruing the amount of points. 

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One of the great things about card betting and in particular card booking points is that teams and players will often show the same sort of temperament.

Some defenders are notorious for tackling hard whilst other players may throw the odd dive which results in a yellow card.

Card booking points is a really clever way of making betting a little bit more fun and exciting. Betting on football bookings and red cards is great through in-play as you can see the temperament of teams and players as the action unfolds.

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