How to lay the draw

The phase “lay the draw” effectively means to bet on the game not being a draw with options to cash out or get out for a profit or loss. It is a trading strategy on the betting exchanges that can be profitable if you pick the right games.

We give you a simple step by step guide on how to follow this and hopefully profit from it. Its worth starting with small stakes and even practicing on paper before you get stated to make sure your comfortable before you start trading. Remember to never bet more than you can afford to lose – there’s no such thing as a nailed on cert in this strategy!

Lay the draw – Step by step guide 2018

Step 1 – Identify the game!

First job is to find a game where you want to lay the draw, we generally look for odds between 3.4 and 4 for the lay in games where you’d expect goals. For this example we’re using Liverpool v Dortmund in the Europa League 2016.

Liverpool v Dortmund match odds market

Step 2 – Lay the draw

As it says, click or tap the red lay button and add the backers stake – in this example we’ve gone with a maximum liability of £25.

The lay bet

NOTE: The liability is the amount you stand to lose if the game ends a draw, the backers stake is the amount you’ll win if it doesn’t and you don’t cash out.

Once you’ve laid it the market should look like this –

The market before kick off

Step 3 – Once the game starts

This is where it gets interesting and there’s decisions to be made, we do really recommend you try a couple on paper first to see how the odds and markets move with goals – this will really help you in the long term.

First goal – In this example Dortmund score after 5 minutes, rather early for a decent exit under this trade. The market moves and we can get out for a smallish profit –

How to lay the draw strategy

We decide not to cash it out as its a bit early and we fancy more goals. Fortunately for us Dortmund score again after 10 minutes meaning the odds on the draw now fly up and the market looks like this –

After the second goal

Waiting – Personally I would wait a couple of minutes and then exit the trade at 0-2 for a £5.25 profit (21% return on stake). But for this example I’m going to leave it running and see how the game pans out and what that does to the odds. At half time its still 0-2 and the market looks like this –

Partial cash out on the draw

Alternative option – A big part of learning how to lay the draw is playing around to find the strategy that works for you. In the below image you can see I’ve moved the cash out slider to take my stake back and leave a profit on either team winning. This is another option for the more nervous and also mean you can move the stake on to the next trade.

Step 4 – Exit the trade

We all know what ends up happening in this game! I decided to exit the trade at 3-1 to Dortmund and would have had a nervous last 10 minutes at 3-3 before eventually winning. Once you cash the trade out you’re doing whats know as “greening up” – this means you have a green number (profit) by every position.

How to lay the draw final step

Really this trade went like a dream with lots of goals and opportunities to exit in profit.

Now you know how to lay the draw you’re ready to start giving it a go – as mentioned best to start on paper or with small stake and get a feel for it. Any questions? Drop us a tweet to @teambetfc and we’ll do out best to answer them.