Best E Sports Teams and Players

If online video gaming is your thing as well as the occasionally bet then you might not have considered e sports betting. Many of the main bookmakers provide an e sports market, offering you the chance to bet on some of the latest and best video games. However you need to know who to look out for and which teams to bet on..

Best 2018 E sports teams

As with all betting markets you need to look for the value odds and we’ve listed the best e sports teams and players to place your bets on.

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Best E sports teams – Top 5

Obviously e sports teams comprise of individual players however we can look at each teams overall earnings and number of tournaments to create a list.

Evil genius - top e sports team

#1 Evil Geniuses

To date Evil Geniuses sit proudly at the top of the earnings table for e sports. The Californian outfit have won nearly $15m and have competed in excess of 600 tournaments. By far and away their best earner has been Dota 2 however they have had considerable success with starcraft and starcraft 2 as well as HALO. There most notable and famous player is Saahil Arora or better known by his in game name Universe and is famed for his talent on Dota 2.

Wings gaming e sports team

#2 Wings Gaming

This Chinese outfit has amassed an incredible pot of prize money and has had an unbelievable 2016. Winning the highest prized jackpot of over $9m at this years International this team prides itself on the being the champions of Dota 2. Their best player Zhang Ruida has competed in over 12 tournaments and by himself has earned just short of $2m in 2016.

No 3 in the best list - Fnatic team

#3 Fnatic

The first ever League of Legends was won by this London based outfit. They are one of the most well known names in the e sports world and have amassed a hugely impressive $7m in prize money. They compete in numerous games including Counter Strike, Global Offensive and Dota 2 and their most notable player is Chong “Ohaiyo” Xin Khoo. The Malaysian came 4th at the International 2016 and saw 1st places at SEA Kappa Invitational Season 2 and also the BTS Southeast Asia 4.

SK telecom - Esports team from South Korea

#4 SK Telecom T1

The South Korean team was founded way back in 2002 and has had several successes over the years. Brought in as part of the SK group of teams this gaming team is well known for its competitiveness on Starcraft and their countries number 1 player Lee “Faker” Sang Hyeok has won nearly $900,000 in prize money aged just 20.

Newbie team

#5 Newbee

Impressively Newbee have only competed in 74 tournaments but have won a very tasty $6m whilst doing so. Newbee are a new formation having been founded in 2014 as a result of the Chinese reshuffle before the fourth International tournament. With DOTA 2 their most successful tournament they are always going to be a team to look out for, especially with their number one player Zhang Pan.

Top 5 e sports players –

The best e sports teams and players list can be made from overall earnings. The latest list gives an indication of who to look out for on the e sports circuit.

#1 Saahil Arora – USA,  Team – Evil Geniuses, Earnings – $2,633,845.24, 56 Tournaments – DOTA 2

#2 Peter Dager – USA, Team – Evil Geniuses, Earnings – $2,618,120.36, 56 Tournaments – DOTA 2

#3 Clinton Loomis – USA, Team – Evil Geniuses, Earnings – $2,383,155.64, 58 Tournaments – DOTA 2

#4 Summail Hassan – Pakistan, Team – Evil Geniuses, Earnings – $2,314,647.74, 25 Tournaments – DOTA 2

#5 Li Peng – China, Team Wings Gaming, Earnings – $1,951,579.63, 14 Tournaments – DOTA 2

Of course as the tournaments and events take place there will be more winners and losers, collectively and as individuals. This is our latest guide as to who to look out for if betting on e sports is something that might interest you.

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